• Exhibit Prowess

    • We take pride is our prowess.  We strive to build and maintain mastery, genius, and expertise in all that we do.  Prowess is displayed by our logo, the lioness.
  • Help Out

    • Mama Fer LLC is in business to "help out".  We take pride in giving our customers peace of mind that there home, place of work, property, or work site is clean. This all begins with being a committed teammate to "help out" each other, our customers, and our community.
  • Make Money

    • We don't live to work but most of us have to work to live.  It is our core belief that having a strong sustainable company is essential to provide good and stable jobs to the community that we service.  At the core of this is profitable work and great team members who make competitive wages. 
  • Be Real

    • Honesty and authenticity are a great starting place but are not complete without courage and confidence in the delivery or our honest, and professional prospective.
  • Live with Integrity

    • Our character is not defied by what we do when others are around but what we do when no one is watching.

Our Vision

Be the crown of our industry by providing exceptional cleaning service  to our customers and great opportunities to our team while living true to our principles.

Our Service Mission

Provide high quality cleaning services while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction and freeing the customer to have more time to do the things that they love with less worries.

The Lioness & Join the Pride

The lioness is a creature of nobility, prowess, and loyalty to her pride.  She powerfully executes often as a member of a team.  She is a symbol of tenacious team work.  When you join our pride you get our commitment to serve you with excellence, consistency, prowess, and a high level of accountability.  

Current Available Positions

Cleaning Technician

The Mama Fer Cleaning Technician is the front line representative of the company.  No one has a greater impact on our customers and the sustainability of our business than our Cleaning Technicians.  Often when we are cleaning toilets or dusting furniture it is easy to forget how important our role is. 

Organization Technician

The Mama Fer Organization Technician is a role that combines strong customer service and a mind for detail and organization.  When organizing someones home it is the Organization Technician that works with the customer and other team members to figure out and execute a strategy that works for the customer's conform and life style.  It is essential that the Organization Technician be able to envision the result and help guide the customer to it.