You & Lemons, 5 Benefits of Lemons

Spring is here and here are 5 easy ways that a lemons can make your life and home more pleasant.

It is so easy to forget we have some many of natures gifts in our kitchen and we don't even need to go out a buy special products. This can help us live healthier and often save money.

One of the most neglected items in our kitchen is the lemon. How many times have you had lemon go bad in your kitchen? I need to confess that that happened with me at least a couple times. What is a shame. However, once I've started researching for other uses for lemon, I don't let it go bad anymore. I will talk about 5 uses for lemon on household tasks.

1. Getting rid of bad smells in your fridge.

A great and fast way to neutralize and refresh the bad smell in your fridge is to soak a cotton ball or sponge in lemon juice and put inside of your fridge for 1-2 hours. Make sure to remove any cause of bad smell before hand.

2. Cleaning your cutting board

I love to use my bamboo cutting board. From time to time washing only with soap does not help. I like to neutralize the smell and the scum that it form with lemon. A great way to do that is to rub lemon juice or lemon peel on the cutting board, add some salt and scrub. Rinse and rub more lemon. Let it dry. It will be smelling great and clean.

3. Neutralizing your garbage disposal smell

Sometimes our garbage disposals smells terrible. Especially after cooking shrimp or other fishy  food. Lemon will help you here. Just run a couple slices of a lemon in your garbage disposal. It will leave a fresh and clean smell. To boost the lemon power, you can add a little bit of baking soda.

4. Neutralizing odors in your vacuum

Let's face it, vacuums can get a little smell at times. Add some drops of lemon in your vacuum bag to have your vacuum smelling fresh. Another way to do that is to add a couple drops of lemon juice on a paper towel or reuse one of your dryer sheets and place it inside of your vacuum bag or inside of your bag-less vacuum canister.

5. Lemon Water

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. I love to drink lemonade or flavored water. An easy way to cool your beverage is to freeze lemon slices and then toss them into your drink. You could use for almost any type of beverage. Lemon in water can help: increase vitamin C intake, improves skin quality, aids in digestions and supports weight loss, it freshens your breath, and help prevent kidney stones.

Feel free to ask us to bring lemons to your our next visit #professional cleaning services.

Please comment below about any uses you have for lemon or how these insights have helped you.