We utilize a text message rating system to get your feed back for our maid service. We want to make sure that you are always getting a 5 star service experience and can utilize your feedback.  

Mama Fer LLC a professional maid, janitorial, and organizational service company started with a vision from Fernanda Roberts.  

Here are a few words from Fernanda on why she started Mama Fer LLC.

"I just love connecting with and taking care of people. There were so many things that I wanted to do and so many daily tasks that I had to perform as a mother, wife, worker, etc.  Cleaning my house was the one task that seemed to take most of my time away and caused the most stress if I didn't do it.  I looked around and saw that the same thing was true for many people.  So I sat down with my business partner and we talked about how we could make the biggest impact in people's lives.  Whatever we did we wanted it to be remarkable.   

So we decided to start our own professional cleaning service that really focuses on people.  Cleaning your home is very personal and it needs to be done just right.  That is why we started the Mama Fer Promise, a satisfaction guarantee that gives you a free cleaning if we don't do a great job.  It is very important to focus connect with our community and have a great work place to help our employees better themselves and build a great career." -- Fernanda Roberts

Our Vision

Be the crown of our industry by providing exceptional cleaning service  to our customers and great opportunities to our team while living true to our principles.

Our Service Mission

Provide the best maid and janitorial services by building and cultivating the best teams composed of the best people around.

The Lioness & Join the Pride

The lioness is a creature of nobility, prowess, and loyalty to her pride.  She powerfully executes often as a member of a team.  She is a symbol of tenacious team work.  When you join our pride you get our commitment to serve you with excellence, consistency, prowess, and a high level of accountability.